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Offener Brief an Kim Kardashian von Taryn Brumfitt

Taryn Brumfitt ist die Gründerin von bodyimagemovement. Vielleicht kennst du ja ihren Film „Embrace“? Wenn nicht, eine Empfehlung von mir, schau ihn dir an. Sie  ist eines meiner großen Vorbilder.

Sie unterstützt Frauen dabei, sich selbst zu lieben und zu akzeptieren, so wie sie sind.

Als jetzt Kim Kardashian Werbung postete von einem Lolly, der den Hunger unterdrückt, hat sie einen offenen Brief an Kim geschrieben. Ich finde ihn einfach toll und möchte ihn dir nicht vorenthalten.

Dear Kim Kardashian,

I am one of many body positive leaders around the world feeling utterly outraged, disappointed and saddened by your most recent post promoting an ‚appetite suppressant lollipop‘. It actually sucks (excuse the pun) for about 1000 reasons, but the most obvious is the soul destroying impact your post will have on the lives of young impressionable girls.
You see, hating your body is soul destroying, so are eating disorders and anxiety and depression related to body dissatisfaction. I think if you truly knew the impact of your post you’d be mortified. Every day I receive hundreds of messages and emails from people around the world sharing their heartbreaking stories about the toxic relationships they have with their bodies.

Girls as young as 8 starving themselves to be thin, teenagers cutting themselves to numb the pain, boys injecting steroids to get bigger.
Unlike a lot of people on social media who are piling on the hate bandwagon I actually don’t think you are the devil! I might not agree with some of the things you do and I certainly dislike your most recent post however what has presented itself amongst all of the hate and anger is an opportunity for you to do something meaningful, positive and life changing.

So I am asking you, on behalf of all of the angry people, the worried Moms and the girls that are struggling with their body image – can you please never post about appetite suppressant lollipops again? Instead will you consider uploading a post that promotes body positivity that will inspire girls to embrace their bodies rather than be at war with it?

I am more than happy for you to contact me if you need any guidance on how your post can create the most impact. I’ve dedicated my life to helping people learn to love their bodies, I know this space well.
Finally, when I was a little girl my Dad taught me that we all come into the world the same and we all leave the same. At the end of this life, our fame, celebrity status and number of followers will mean nothing. What will matter is the kindness we’ve showed others, the good deeds we did and the meaningful contributions we made.
Regards Taryn Brumfitt

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